A Little Bit of Noticing Brings Much Satisfaction

Years ago, we bought a Sonos music system, and for years it has been brilliant.

But recently Sonos made some changes, and despite making sure we had the right apps to make it go we just couldn’t get it working and so we have been music-less. Very disappointing!

So today, I was determined to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it… we miss not having sounds in the house.

Over the last year we have had to change our WIFI and as a result, one part of the system was removed. At first this seemed to make no difference, but since the system stopped working, I wondered if this needed to be reinstated. So, I go off in search of the removed part, which I know is in some box somewhere and I’m thrilled to find it straight away along with the ethernet cable BUT the power adapter is nowhere to be seen!!! I mean ffs!!

And so, begins a hunt of the house… the junk draw, the utility room, the garage and finally the loft. The Critic in my head is in overdrive telling me how disorganised I am, how shit I am at looking after my things… oh she was having a field day dealing out the bile as I climb the loft ladder. Suffice to say that at this point I am not feeling too optimistic.

I begin my search, already thinking that perhaps I should just give up and open the laptop and buy a replacement… I’ve spent too long on this already, AND I haven’t done my piece for my writing challenge AND I am going out tonight. But I also have a bee in my bonnet and know that the Critic will get even louder if I have to spend money because of my own lack of care.

In my heart, I know the bloody power adapter isn’t going to be there, I mean, why would it be in a completely different part of the house to the machine it belongs to!? I look half heartedly in a few boxes and find nothing. I’m about to give up completely, when I spot the original Sonos box that the part came in. I open it up with renewed hope, but all I find are the instruction manuals on how to set they sysem up. I have a quick flick, thinking at least there might be a picture to remind me exactly what this power adapter looks like – AND THERE, STARING FROM THE PAGE, IS A NEW SOLUTION!!

Heart singing, I rush down the loft ladder, grab the speaker part of the Sonos system, locate the ethernet port, which, in the 10 odd years we have had the bloody system, I had never noticed before, plug in the ethernet cable and connect it to the router, update the app, connect to this ‘new’ system and within minutes the house is full of music again!!

And so, what of the Critic? Well, she has had to soften back and quieten down, because despite her noise, my tenacious Self did not give in and she was rewarded, not with exactly what she was looking for, but with something that feels somehow sweeter – an alternative solution which was there all the time just waiting for me to NOTICE it.

So, step back disappointment and make way for satisfaction – I have a house full of The Cure and I have completed Day Two of my writing challenge.

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