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Helen WD in blue trousers and red polka dot shirt, relaxing on a wooden bench

What have you noticed about the stories you tell yourself?

Here’s my offering on this from last week. 

On Thursday, I had branding/business photos taken. It’s the fist time in my 58 years that I’ve done such a thing. 

As the day grew closer, I noticed that I was sensing massive discomfort and at times, blind panic. What do I wear? Do I wear make up or not? How do I want to present myself? And then… who even am I to be getting these pictures done?!

And there it was, my own self doubt protecting me, reminding me of some old stories I thought I’d put to bed, but which were showing up in this brand new situation. 

What was different this time, was that I practiced what I preach as a coach. I noticed my emotions and discomfort, sat with it and got curious. I listened to those parts of me who were fearing exposure and worried about seeking attention, about taking the limelight and being judged. In doing this my stronger inner leader stepped forward and took charge. The result can be seen on the pictures, which I can’t wait to share with you when they are ready. 

If you are curious about the process of learning to uncover old stories and beliefs that get in your way and are ready to find your inner leader, get in touch and we can start a conversation about how I can help you. 

(kudos to Becky Bryant for putting me at ease and capturing me so well)

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