Noticing the Self Doubt in Decision-making

Change is afoot in the Helen WD Coaching space. A blank canvas waiting to be transformed. A ‘work in progress’. My office is getting a make over and will emerge as a cosy place to think and work. 

But what colours 🤷‍♀️ all these greens but all so different… which do I choose and will I get it right🤷‍♀️ does it need to be perfect or just warm and functional? 

This is a such fun and exciting  project, but also an interesting experiment in noticing how my protective self doubt shows up. 

I mean, who knew you could give so much time and energy to choosing paint… researching colours which promote focus and inspiration and that are suitable for a west facing room; scrolling through pages and pages of ideas on Pinterest; sitting staring at paint colour brochures and buying test pots; and now waiting for the chairs to arrive before making a final decision because why not procrastinate a little longer… 

And the risks? Number one on this list is that I’ll be disappointed … that it won’t turn out exactly as I imagined and thus is not perfection. Then comes judgement… what will others think of my choices (like that’s even my business), what if they don’t like it 🤷‍♀️

Doing new things that matter, like making decisions while launching a new business, will always activate our self doubt. The key is to notice it, sit with it, understand why it shows up, look for the meaning we are making about a situation that is holding us back and then reminding ourselves about what other stories are true. In this case, what is true is that this is an exciting project, I know what I’m doing, I can’t expect everyone to have my taste and PERFECT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST!! 

So, I’m curious, how does your self doubt show up in new situations?

If this resonates with you  and you would like to know more about how to notice, understand and overcome your own self doubt, I’d love to work with you. So feel free to get in touch to book a call. 

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