Noticing the Comfort of an Intentionally Created Space.

The office from 4 different perspectives

A few ‘noticings’ ago (I still can’t quite believe I’m writing, so I’m not ready to own the word ‘blog’ yet!) I showed pictures of the beginnings of my office make-over. Well today, I thought I’d give you a little update.

As you can see, the walls are painted green (not the green I wanted/chose by the way… but that’s a story for another day 😳). The book shelves have been revamped and relocated and are gradually filling up. I have super comfy and, to my mind at least, pretty stylish chairs , a colourful rug, some houseplants and a couple of new lamps… ooh and cushions – notice those orange accents 😂. The desk (will it always be messy?…. probably!!) still needs relocating, but it’ll do for now and the walls are pretty bare and need some kind of art or shelving – anything really that will break it up.

But do you know what? I bloody LOVE this new space!! And so, it would seem, do the family. We find ourselves in here drinking coffee, or quietly reading our books, or just sitting in here chatting. It’s almost as if we don’t have any other comfy rooms in the house.

I’ve been ‘home alone’ this afternoon and instead of mindlessly watching some shite on Netflix, which I usually would, I found myself in the office, sat in the chair in the corner by the window, with the sun streaming through the blinds, listening to Jonathan Van Ness 🥰 on Audible – through the Sonos of course – and wondering what the sudden attraction to this room is. 

Of course, there is something about it being ‘new’ and therefore fairly tidy – well by my usual disorganised standards at least! But I think that more than this, for the first time in our 28 year marriage, Rob and I have worked together (yes, really 😉) with the intention of creating a space that will inspire creativity, focus, care and compassion, for me, for the people I work with and, so it would seem, for us as a family. 

Who knew being intentional could create such comfort and would inspire me to write something to complete Day Three of my writing challenge 🎉

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